Maintaining Vinyl Fencing

Golden Wings Fence Installs Low Maintenance Residential Vinyl Fencing

For tips on maintaining vinyl fencing in Westmoreland County, PA, Golden Wings Fence is here to help. One of the reasons vinyl fences are so popular is that they require little to no upkeep once installed. Vinyl is incredibly weather resistant and, unlike wood, will never rot, splinter, warp, or split. Vinyl fences are visually appealing, insect-proof, and never need painting, scraping, sanding, or repainting. There are some basic precautions you can take to guarantee so your vinyl fence retains its aesthetic and efficiency. In this month’s blog, we’ll focus on maintaining vinyl fencing.

Clean the Fence to Prevent Staining and Mold

It’s important to remember that the best attack is a competent defense. If feasible, spray down your fence at least once a week. You should also give your fence a simple soapy cleaning once every few weeks. If there is a stain, Golden Wings Fence recommends you use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You may wish to consider a protective coating of Mold Armor, Moldex, or another mold protection coating.

Regularly Examine the Fence’s Stability and Repair Damaged Areas

Regardless of your vinyl fence’s installation, weather and other natural factors can cause the posts to become loose. Walking the fence line on a regular basis can help ensure that everything is still strong and straight. If any parts of the fence are shaky, use a shovel to fix the ground around the posts, and backfill as needed. If you find a damaged piece of vinyl fencing, contact us immediately for repair. Although vinyl fences are durable, if struck by a large item, such as a falling tree limb, they can break.

For more information on residential and commercial fencing, give Golden Wings Fence a call at (724) 925-1863. We are happy to discuss with Westmoreland, PA, residents more about maintaining vinyl fencing.