Highly Useful for Many Purposes in Westmoreland County, PA

Whether you are looking to enclose cows or horses, or just want more privacy for your home or business, wood fences can have multiple purposes. Golden Wings Fence sells and installs many different kinds of wood designs. A wood fence is a great choice to enhance your outdoor living space, and we can customize the fence to meet your needs. For a free estimate and installation of a new wood fence, contact Golden Wings Fence at (724) 925-1863.

Golden Wings Fence Offers Installation for Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is timeless and remains in style even today. Homeowners in near Greensburg, PA, enjoy their wood fences because of their classic design and affordability. Wood fences are a great option for adding more security or privacy to your property. They can help provide a safer backyard for children and pets to play in. It can also keep livestock protected and prevent them from wandering away. Styles of wood fencing include:

  • Vertical Board
  • Post and Rail
  • Shadowbox
  • Picket
  • Lattice
  • Board-on-board
  • Stockade
  • Louver

Golden Wings Fence Has a Variety of Wood Fences Available

Golden Wing Fence offers a variety of wood fences for residents in the area. Some common types of wood fencing we install are picket, vertical board, lattice, post and rail, and louver. A wood fence is a fantastic choice to enhance your outdoor living spaces in Greensburg, North Huntingdon, Scottdale and more communities in Westmoreland County, PA. Our team can customize any wood fence to meet your needs. You can choose wood fences with different colors and various height options. No matter what you choose, each wood fence from Golden Wings Fence uses premium, pressure-treated materials. Wood fencing can also stand up to even the worst weather conditions in Pennsylvania, which means you can enjoy your new fence for a long time.