best type of pool fencing

Best Type of Pool Fencing

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Your pool isn’t complete without a fence, but what is the best type of pool fencing in Westmoreland County, PA? You’ll want a fence that provides safety, privacy, and easy maintenance. You’ll want to make sure the fence is child proof even if you don’t have any children. You never know when a visitor will bring their child, or a neighbor will visit unannounced. Pool fences reduce the risk of accidental drowning injuries. Trust Golden Wings Fence to install the perfect fence for your home and pool. Yes, it’s February, but it’s never too early to blog about the best type of pool fencing.


Considerations When Picking Your Pool Fencing

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best type of pool fencing to suit your needs:

Overall Safety – The ideal pool fence should have self-closing and self-latching gates. It should also blend in with your property to deter attempts at unlawful access.

Reduces Gaps – Pool fencing with gaps, especially those surrounding gates and support posts, provide the necessary spots for people to climb over. It is also an access point for small children or animals to slip through unnoticed.


Additional Considerations May Include:

Allows Full Pool Use — The last thing you want is for your pool fence to obstruct your use of the pool. The pool fence must find a balance between safety and usage. It needs to prevent animals and children or other people who cannot swim safely from entering. The pool fence should still enable you to fully enjoy your investment.

Durability – The pool fence will have exposure to weather conditions such as frequent dampness, wind, sun, and dust. You should make sure your pool fence can withstand these elements. It should also be simple to maintain and even repair in the event that damage occurs.


Understand Pool Fencing Material Options Available to You

There are various types of pool fencing available to homeowners, including:

Wood– One of the most common materials is wood. Wood comes in many colors, is stylish, and offers seclusion. A wooden fence, on the other hand, does require more upkeep. Remember that wood may develop mold if it gets wet, and does not dry out right away.

Vinyl – It requires minimal upkeep, and can get wet without developing any mold. This can be a wise choice if you want to spend more time in the pool and less time on maintenance. Depending on the style, vinyl fencing doesn’t offer as much privacy.

Mesh – Removable mesh fulfills the highest safety standards for pool fencing without interfering with your family’s enjoyment. It is a long-lasting, simple-to-maintain, and customizable pool fence option.


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